Vision and Values

Vision and values


At the core of any company is its Culture. The way we do our work, the way we interact with each other, with our clients and with the rest of the world tells you more about who we are than any amount of words. Nevertheless, words have their value. They help us define who we are to ourselves, and they help us describe to you the sort of company that we want to be for you.
Our 12-Point Culture Plan is that defining statement.

To always respect yourself, team members and clients, and you will receive this in return – to never enter into sarcasm, gossip and negativity about the company, team members or clients while at ITS.

Near enough is not good enough. I will give excellence and never compromise my standards for anyone. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that the people that come in contact with me hear, see and feel this excellence.

I will constantly increase my level of personal knowledge about business, and the products we provide. Enthusiasm A business with team members that show enthusiasm at all times is a business on the move. We are a business on the move.

We believe that systems should run a company, not people and that our clients will come to rely on us for a consistency that is unique in the world of business.

We always strive to have a well-balanced life, where our emotional, spiritual, physical and financial needs are being achieved.

We always say yes when our ITS team members ask us for our help, so long as the team member has already taken responsibility for the completion of that task.

We always live by the principal that “I work with the company NOT for the company” I understand that I always have the choice to live and work the way that most meets the requirements of my life.

Business is fun. It is a game in life to be enjoyed. We will learn the rules of the game in our team and in our industry. Then we will always play the game with a smile on our face and good will in our hearts.

Common Sense
Common sense is a prerequisite of being an ITS team player. It must always prevail in my taking on tasks. Making sure that what I take on is realistic so that I keep all the commitments I make.

The ITS team plan is to succeed and always keep fellow team members informed when new plans are prepared. We always consider new ideas when they are presented in a planned and well thought out manner.

To always speak the truth with our fellow team members and clients and be honest with ourselves in life. We are being honest when what we say, what we think and what we feel are the same.


No company that takes itself seriously can be without a Vision. Out Vision is about where we want to be. It’s about our chosen destination. We might not be there yet, but we still need to remind ourselves about what we’re aiming for. We are a transport company. It makes sense to us that to be a company without a Vision is like programming a GPS without a destination point. How can you get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re going?
Our Vision Statement is about who we are in the process of becoming.

The vision is to provide our customers with the service and professional approach to our work that they deserve.


Our Mission is our day-to-day reminder of why we are here. Its about the present, it’s about what we want for ourselves and for our clients right now.

Our people are a dedicated, trustworthy, respected and well-trained team of professionals. We have a vision, a mission and always play by our 12-point culture plan. We are innovative in our approach to logistics while always looking for ways to improve our business and assist our customers. We are responsible in our commitments to our customers and proactive in ensuring that we provide that responsibly. We will always offer reasonable solutions to our customer’s problems as soon as we are aware of the problem. We will provide the best possible result for our customers every time and the most consistent and reliable service they have ever experienced. Transport and business are fun. We will always enjoy our work and help our customers to enjoy theirs. We aim to be happy healthy people with a positive outlook on life. Uniqueness is our 20-point customer commitment plan and our innovative approach to business.


Our Commitment to you is that our Culture, Vision and Mission Statements aren’t just words that sound good on paper, or a company line that we repeat like parrots.
Our Commitment to you is that our words are about our Culture, Vision and Mission translate into real action that makes your experience with us the best that it possibly can be.
Through our 20-point customer commitment plan we will be innovative and proactive in our approach until we achieve this result. We will strive to maintain this level of excellence on an ongoing basis, always looking to improve.